The decision to open a company in the Netherlands is strategically a very wise step. Especially if your dream is to lead a company included in a worldwide network. This is better to do when your company or establishment is located in a country, which is highly accessible. The Netherlands is known for its strong international position. Through the years they managed to conquer a position essential for the international economy. This is one of the aspects many entrepreneurs are willing to open a company in the Netherlands. If they visit the Netherlands they experience the international mindset of the Netherlands. For foreign companies it’s easy to start a business in this country. Intercompany Solutions is experienced in assisting companies from outside the Netherlands who want to extend to this country. There are many procedures to consider and arrange before you can open a new business in the Netherlands. Those procedures are pretty evident, but you need to know which regulations are applicable for you when you open a company in the Netherlands. The details you need to follow are dependent on the kind of company structure you use. With Intercompany Solutions you can decide the structure you want to start in this country.

Open a company in the Netherlands as a Dutch BV

Perhaps you are already prepared and you know what kind of structure is suitable for your business. You can open a company in the Netherlands of any kind. Whether it is a small or middle company, or large enterprise. For the large businesses a Dutch BV is the most common form to start, also known as the ‘Besloten Vennootschap’. Mainly because starting this company structure is relatively easy. Although you need to consider a few factors to open a company in the Netherlands as a Dutch BV, like the availability of a group of shareholders and the assignment of one or more directors. Furthermore you need to have a location address. Without an address in the Netherlands it is not possible to open company in the Netherlands. It’s necessary to register your company at the office of commerce for instance. You also need to have a Dutch bank account if you open a company in the Netherlands. These are just a few arrangements you need to make if you start a business. Intercompany Solutions can assist and advice you in your business in the Netherlands.

The Dutch law and procedures

Before you open a company in the Netherlands you can read the information on On this website you can read a lot about the essential procedures and arrangements to open your business in the Netherlands. If you don’t have the time to do this research, Intercompany Solutions can contact you with several experts like:

  • Notaries
  • Lawyers
  • Financial professionals
  • Fiscalists

Next to the law and regulations of the Netherlands these experts will also be familiar with the law in you current country. If you have found the experts and information to open a company in the Netherlands, Intercompany Solutions can arrange all documents and details for you. Within a few days your company can be registered in the Netherlands. When you request an all-in package they can even arrange the VAT number, accounting, visa and immigration procedures for you. Even if your director or other employees need a residency in the Netherlands, you can ask Intercompany Solutions to find a suitable address for them. Get in contact with Intercompany Solutions to open a company in the Netherlands with their professional services and knowledge about the international businesses.