Do you want to open a company in The Netherlands? Then you might want support from experts on settling in The Netherlands. With help from the right supporting party, you can open a a company in the Netherlands in just five days. Dike International helps entrepeneurs and existing organisations transferring their companies to The Netherlands or setting up a new company. With the experience of Dike International, opening a new company on Dutch ground can be done within a week. We provide you with information, contacts and advice for a smooth start in The Netherlands. Interested in working together? Contact us via our website. We try to answer all applications within a day. More information about doing business in The Netherlands and setting up a company here is available on our website. If you want to research more, you can also visit the Chamber of Commerce website or contact a Dutch bank to obtain a Dutch bank account. Of course, we can also advise you on this matter. To open a Dutch bank account you will need a Dutch social security number. It is advisable to contact us first, to set up a plan, to open a company in The Netherlands for you as fast as possible.

Open a company in The Netherlands: advantages

Most entrepeneurs know the advantages of operating from The Netherlands. The Dutch are a know trading nation and are very open to other cultures. They are willing to work together to make a profit. The Dutch government encourages entrepeneurs from other countries to open a company in The Netherlands. Low taxes and other financial advantages make it attractive to set up your company here. Furthermore, organisations can take advantage of the excellent harbours, airports and roads. Doing business with Germany, Belgium, France and other parts of Europe is easy. The Rotterdam harbour provides numerous chances for business with the US, Asia and African countries. If you are looking to land your business in Europe, opening a company in The Netherlands is the next best stept. You will find many companies that specialize in logistics and trade. The Dutch economy is know for:

  • food and other agricutural products
  • flowers 
  • automotive industry
  • medical engineering
  • high tech products

Open a company in The Netherlands and expand your business into Europe, with help from Dike International. Our team of professionals is ready to help you open a company in The Netherlands and make your business an even greater success. 

What we offer

Dike International can offer different types of support. Need to know how to open a company in The Netherlands? Need a VAT number or a registration adress? We are here to help. Also, we provide you with information on tax legislation and help you setting up a business plan or financial plan. A social security number can be obtained via Dike International, as advice on filing your tax in time. This is important for all Dutch companies. When tax information is not provided in time, the Dutch government gives a fine based on the yearly profit of an organisation. It is best to prevent this at all cost, if you open a company in The Netherlands.