First of all, many of you have not heard of a teflon conveyor belt yet. We think that it might be useful to get to know more about this conveyor belt. Hardick sells the teflon conveyor belt and is a big partner. Why should you choose for a teflon conveyor belt? This will be explained in an article that has been specially written for potential customers of Hardick. Most of the people know teflon as coating that is used in non-stick cookware. It is certainly not the only application of this brand of PFTE, because teflon is also used in industries that do work with a conveyor belt. This has a lot of advantages. One of them is that if products don’t get stuck on the conveyor belt, they can be transported evenly. This enhances the production process. 

Why should I choose a teflon conveyor belt? 

The conveyor belts that Hardick offers are innovative and are created based on a lot of knowledge (over a century) and experience in this industry. What countries does Hardick serve? Not only Holland (because their headquarter is there) Also the following countries/areas:

  • Customers in Europe 
  • Customers in Japan
  • Customers in Australia 

This covers a big part of the world, so it is a true fact that Hardick is a big global partner for this business all around the world. So, do not doubt anymore, Hardick is the perfect partner for you if you have just started your quest for a new teflon conveyor belt. They have a large production capacity, besides they also do have a wide range of stock and you can always count on efficient planning if you go into sea with them. No disappointments from their side. Isn’t that promising? We believe that if a company makes promises and is reliable, work will be much nicer. So the teflon conveyor belt, you have now reached the point of knowing why you should buy one and which place is the best. But Hardick offers more than the teflon conveyor belt. Find out below!

More products of Hardick 

Hardick does not only sell a teflon conveyor belt, Hardick also sells welding equipment, PTFE fabric, sealing belts, silicon fabric, silicon rubber, silicon tubes and last but not least: seal- and cutting wire. If there is a product you are missing, you can also request a sample, they will contact you (or you can contact them) to discuss the options. Hardick is an excellent choice because of their short delivery times, their mobile service and something that is really important: free advice. They already have 100 years of craftmanship. Want to find out more about Hardick? Go and visit There is a one minute video of Hardick placed on the website, in that video they tell you more about this company, what they do and maybe even convince you to buy from them. So, you do not have to doubt about choosing Hardick. We hope that this is clear now and we are sure you will make a good choice after reading this article.