I have recently become an owner of a garage specializing in racing motorcycles, and I need some advice. Can anyone tell me the best place to buy wholesale motorcycle parts? I have a few priorities when it comes to wholesale motorcycle parts:

  • Good value;
  • A range of types of parts – original and third party;
  • Quick, reliable delivery;
  • Easy ordering, preferably online.

I understand that there are a lot of places to buy wholesale motorcycle parts, but I am struggling to find one that fulfills my criteria. Here is my history. I have been a mechanic for several years. For the majority of my career I have worked primarily with large, heavy trucks and lorries, with diggers and farm machinery. I have, however, developed a bit of a hobby, or some might say obsession, with motorbike racing. It started out when I bought a bike to get me to work through the heavy traffic jams in my area. I quickly became enthusiastic, and given my day job as a mechanic, a friend from a motorcycle club asked if I could help him out at the track days he goes to – to help him tune his bike, to help him with repairs, that sort of thing. At that time, of course, I was only using individual bits and pieces and I did not need wholesale motorcycle parts, I could just go to the local garage. Unsurprisingly after a couple of visits to the track I wanted to get out there myself. So I bought myself a racing bike, fixed it up (once again with parts that I bought individually, not Wholesale motorcycle parts) and got out on the track, hoping to become a star. Sadly, it turned out that I have no natural talent, so it remained just a weekend hobby.

Getting wholesale motorcycle parts for my garage

I am fortunate that, despite not becoming a motorbike racing superstar, I have still been able to make a living out of my hobby, if a little indirectly. The opportunity arose to take over a garage close to the track, specializing in racing bikes. Obviously I jumped at the chance. Now I have gone from maintaining my own bike and helping my friend out, to working on many, many bikes a week, with some fairly specialized parts needed. That is why I now need to know where to get hold of wholesale motorcycle parts. I’ve tried ordering Wholesale motorcycle parts from a couple of different places now, but I have not yet really been satisfied with any of them. I have received the wrong parts once or twice, deliveries have been delayed way too often, and a couple of places have been an absolute nightmare to even place an order with.

Does anyone have experience with Double R Parts?

While searching around recently, the most hopeful looking possibility has been at https://doublerparts.com. The site is pretty user-friendly and they seem to have a good range of parts available and some very competitive prices. They have wholesale motorcycle parts for most makes of motorcycles that I see in my garage. I have seen that they are based in Holland so I would like to know how other people have experienced their service, particularly delivery? I, like any garage owner, need to get the parts quickly and reliably, and if Double R Parts are able to do that then I will be buying wholesale motorcycle parts in the near future. So is anyone here able to help me out with any tips or any reviews? Thanks in advance.