Considering buying Benahavis property? The Costa del Sol, for many, is synonymous with full beaches, busy coastal towns, crowded bars and many, many international tourists who actually only come to this part of Spain for the sun. Fortunately, the Costa del Sol is, and in particular the part in the hinterland of the province of Málaga, very different and absolutely worth a visit. In fact, if you want to live somewhere, these are the places where it might be best to do so. This is exactly the reason why so many people decide on buying a Benahavis property these days. They use their Benahavis property as a permanent home or as a basis for their yearly retreat. This article carefully elaborates on the area of Benahavis, why people fall in love with the area of Costa del Sol and what properties are to be found in Benahavis.

What is so special about the area of Benahavis property?

Living in Spain is a dream for many, but also a dream come true for many, especially Europeans. But where do you have to live? There are so many places that are fun in southern Spain. When deciding to buy property in Spain, you can opt for the bigger places like Antequera, Marbella and Ronda. However, there are many more municipalities that are more authentic and ideal to live. Benahavis property is popular because this town is one of those villages that is actually not very well known to many foreign Costa del Sol goers, but it is worth visiting. Benahavis property is known for the luxurious, expensive permanent residences, priceless holiday homes and lush green golf courses. In between this stunning Benahavis property, however, live the “normal” inhabitants and there are also numerous allotments that ensure that the whole forms an original mix. The centre of the village is certainly nice to walk through and there are even some Arab constructions to be seen. Benahavis is a charming village with whitewashed houses, sun-drenched in beautiful nature. This town has a great culture, but above all, Benahavis is known for its outstanding cuisine.

What is currently available Benahavis property?

Benahavis property is highly diverse. Below is a list of the current offers.

  • A ground floor apartment with a single bedroom and a single bathroom, with an area of a little over 80 square meters. This ground floor apartment is available at a price of approximately 226.000 euros.
  • An apartment with two bedrooms and two bathrooms, with an area of over 115 square meters. This apartment is currently available at a price of 350.000 euros
  • A villa with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, with an area of over 290 square meters. This villa is currently available at a price of 1.385.000 euros.
  • A luxurious villa with four bedrooms and four bathrooms, private pool, private garden and views of the mountains and the ocean. An area of 417 square meters, and a private terrain of 3300 square meters. This property is currently available at a price of 1.795.000 euros.

There is a Benahavis property for everyone!]