Today we live in a world of fast fashion. Whenever we have a piece of clothing for a month, it is already old. We want everything we see, and because of the extreme low prices, it is also possible to buy anything you want. Sustainable fashion will solve a lot of problems that are caused by fast fashion. Fast fashion has both a negative social impact and a bad impact on our environment:

  • The clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries, since it uses a lot of water, energy. Also, the production of different materials and fibers is a very harmful process. As an example, the harvest of cotton, is a process that uses a lot of water and toxins that have consequences for the health of the workers.
  • Fabrics and materials are very often dyed and bleached. This process includes plenty of harming, toxic dyes and bleach which is very bad for the health of the workers and often ends up in our water.
  • Fast fashion implies that we can buy what we want, whenever we want, as much as we want. Because we buy so many pieces of clothing of a relatively low quality, the clothes are quickly damaged or just not worn anymore, and thus thrown out. These damaged or thrown-away pieces mostly end up on dumpsters.
  • The fast fashion industry is based on low prices. To keep prices this low and profits for owners high, the clothes are usually made in third world countries, with very low or no minimum wage. This includes very bad working conditions, long hours and low wage.

Sustainable fashion is the answer

Sustainable fashion is a new form of fashion, where clothing is produced in a responsible way. In today’s world it is key to focus on reducing our environmental footprint. Buying, producing and selling sustainable fashion is a great way of doing so. The clothing in the industry of sustainable fashion is made to last. The goal of sustainable fashion is to reduce all the negative impacts of the fashion industry as mentioned above. The sustainable fashion industry focuses on clean production, quality clothing made from sustainable materials, good recycle processes, and fair working conditions and salary. The image sustainable fashion has is expensive and kind of dusty, natural, hippie like. Whereas there are some very innovative brands that produce high-end, good looking, and affordable sustainable fashion items.

Ishie Studios: your next purchase

A great example of such a brand is This small brand is located in the Netherlands and was founded in the summer of 2015. The sustainable fashion this brand sells, is produced in a small factory in the Czech Republic. Ishie Studios designs contemporary fashion, that show confidence. The minimalistic, sustainable fashion created by this brand is inspired by the purity and beauty of the Japanese architecture. Because of that, all pieces produced reflect solidity, power, pureness, nature, minimalism, and harmony. In short, the brand to buy if you want to look fashionable, confident and pure. An extra advantage is that the clothes are produced in a fair way. The fabrics are handpicked from the best Italian mills, that provide natural fibers that do not harm the environment and did not negatively influence the health of workers. Also, the factory provides fair working conditions for its employees and compensates them in a fair way. They offer a variety of clothes, from tops to skirts, from dresses to coats all showing natural beauty and made to last.