I feel like the luckiest person in the world. I recently acquired my own Estepona property, a beautiful, modern chalet with sea views, right in the middle of the Costa del Sol. It is a clean, white, modern design, with modern, comfortable furniture, large windows, a spacious balcony looking out to sea and its own swimming pool and hot tub. We have three large double bedrooms, two of which have their own separate bathrooms with a bathtub and shower, plus two more separate bathrooms. The entire place has climate control, which means that even on the hottest summer days in the south of Spain we are able to keep our home at our ideal temperature for relaxing during the day and for sleeping at night. Our Estepona property has a large kitchen with plenty of work top space, a dishwasher and a nice big oven, although we have not used the kitchen much so far, apart from the fridge and freezer of course. Unlike some other Estepona property that we have seen, we have parking space enough for three cars, which is necessary with all of the visitors that we have been getting from back home. When we do feel the need to venture out, mostly for food and for wine, our Estepona property is just a short walk from all of the local conveniences and tapas bars, without being too close to the noisy streets with the biggest bars. The views from our Estepona property are also spectacular. From the front balconies we have a full, unobstructed view of the Mediterranean Sea, with the ships coming and going down the coast and the sound of the waves in the background, until we close the double glazed glass doors. Our nearest neighbours are all north Europeans like us, who also chose an Estepona property to settle down in for their golden years. It is an especially relaxing environment, isolated and yet social and ideal for friends and family to stop by for a few days at a time.

Finding your own Estepona property

The area around where we live is thriving, mainly due to north Europeans moving in. The Estepona property market is busy and, at times, complicated. The Spanish estate agents do not work like we are used to back home, and the process of buying in Spain has its own challenges. We were lucky to find our dream home on the Costa del Sol via a company called Realista. Their website, realista.com, has an impressive range of Estepona property, as well as other homes available in:

  • Marbella;
  • Benahavis;
  • Casares;
  • Fuengirola;
  • Mijas;
  • Malaga.

What really made the difference for us, besides them listing our ideal home, was the help that they were able to offer in the process of making the purchase. They were able to direct us to help for getting the necessary registration in Spain, where, how and when we had to pay taxes and making sure that all the boxes were ticked. We can highly recommend them to anyone interested in relocating to the Costa del Sol.

Make your move quickly

The Estepona property market is growing quickly, and it seems that prices are already going up in the short time that we have lived here. It means that making your purchase is a great investment, but you will want to get everything in place quickly before it reaches it peak. If you are seriously considering taking the step, your first stop should be to visit www.realista.com and see what they are able to offer you.