Hello you! Do you want to establish a Dutch company? Are you ready to work? We definitely are ready to work, maybe together with you. But we will first tell you what it is like to establish a Dutch company, what the best way is and the third topic will be: how do you select a legal form for your business, when you establish a Dutch company? 

Want to establish a Dutch company? Steps to start up your own business in The Netherlands 

Yes, if you would like to be your own boss, the Netherlands is indeed a good country and a good place if you consider starting up your own business. There are always things you should think of, like several administrative issues that you will definitely have to take care of. This is something you should take into account before you consider to establish a Dutch company. Like we say it in The Netherlands: ‚het is niet zomaar wat‘, it is really a thing. So, when do you know you are ready for something like starting up a business in the Netherlands? It is not something you can learn and do in one week and of course not if you live abroad. This is the case because you must first make sure that you can stay in The Netherland. The following rules are there to mention:

  • Are you EU, EEA or Swiss national? Then you are permitted to work and live in The Netherlands under EU law
  • Aren’t you EU, EEA or Swiss national? Then you need to apply for either a provisional residence permit (MVV) or:
  • Apply for a work permit 

Those are the steps you need to take. But how do you select a legal form for your business, when you are going to establish the Dutch company? You can have look at intercompanysolutions.com. Intercompany Solutions can help you with this.

How do you select a legal form for your business, when you establish a Dutch company?

So, you have reached the point that you have ensured that you can reside and work in the Netherlands. Now it is time for you to decide what kind of legal form for your business you want to pick. What are things you should think of? Firstly, it is really important to choose for a structure that has the right fit. And there are also other related matters that can be really complicated. If you want to know what kind of business forms there are, you can take a look at the internet, because you can find there an overview of all the Dutch business forms. This might be useful, because if you read this it can become easier for you to make a choice. In order to make a good choice, you need to find out what the information is and then you can establish the Dutch company you want. Just make sure you prepare, you already did that by reading this article. If you want to know more, call one of us or visit Intercompany Solutions via their website!